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student wearing mask counting on fingers at desk
students sitting around a table with a teacher
student wearing mask at desk looking over shoulder
teacher walking around to students sitting at desks in classroom
learning in music
fun on the playground
All the right reasons
learning our alphabet
math shapes
Welcome To

Garfield Elementary School

1201 Maplewood Dr NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 | 319-558-2169


A message from our principal

Joy Long

The Garfield staff is committed to accepting individual abilities and differences of all children. Through the use of child-centered curriculum and varied instructional strategies, the student will develop into responsible citizens and lifelong learners. Learning strategies and curriculum will be appropriate to age, educational, and social needs of the individual child. Staff members will work as a team with families and caregivers to ensure the success of all children.

Joy Long

Points of Pride

243 Students

6 Languages spoken in our schools

1:1 Personal devices for all students

45 Dedicated staff